My approach

Trust a brain expert when I tell you: Whenever journalists give you "brain hacks" or "tricks" in the name of neuroscientists, be sceptical.

Your brain isn't silly and cannot be fooled just like that. Not by other brains, nor by a tiny part of itself.

Many common methods and coping strategies for stress - and even ideas about what stress actually is - are bollocks. More so the majority of myths being spread about the brain, about perception and body language.

You are not going to reach your goals with "brain hacks and tiny tricks". Tricks and all this false front stuff will always be uncovered - you don't fall for that kind of trickery either, do you?

I want to show you how to become what you want to be and how to be the way you want to be - and not just pretend.

Don't fake it till you make it -

it till you make it!


Popular misconceptions